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[Pinned] Guide for fresh and returned players from

A full guide for fresh and returned players #lotro #lotr
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[Pinned] Player Support System

We have now shifted to our new player support system! Check it out: #LOTRO
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[Pinned] Important News! The Lord of the Rings Online and DDO have been acquired by Standing Stone Games

From Executive Producer: Click here...From Community Manager: Click here...Standing Stone Games Customer Service: Click here...
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[Pinned] Character Transfer Tokens

Character Transfer Token ReminderFrom the Update 19 Release Notes published in October:It is now possible to use existing character transfer tokens to transfer characters. If you have tokens, you will need to use them prior to using Turbine Points...
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[Pinned] Giggles has safely transferred to Crickhollow

Everyone is welcome to come join me in the new world. Unfortunately i have not put anything in the kinhouse yet.Kinhouse is at 2 Chalk Road, Ellmead, Shire Homesteads.Have fun!Giggs :)
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[Pinned] Closing worlds close April 4th 2016 for play

Remember: All Closing worlds will no longer be available for play on April 4th 2016 The closed worlds will still be open for transfers to re...
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[Pinned] Transfer Process
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[Pinned] Transfer Process

Transfer Process When the transfer window opens up for Windfola we will not be going on the day. We will wait a few days before we start to transfer Dawning Eclipse. Prior to the transfer Giggles will put out a kinmail to advise the date she plan...
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Update 21 Mordor

Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor reveals key expansion details - @lotro
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Standing Stones Interviews etc.

Will just add to this thread:Dadislotroguide click here...LotroReporter click here...Massivelyop click here...MMORPG click here...
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New Story from Gray (Dragon)

Graymantle Story - Dragon “Graytelyn, tell us a story with dragons! Yes dragons, please?” pleaded the young elf to the minstrel. He and his fellow kin looked anxiously towards her as the clattering of clean-up in the great dining hall began to wa...
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Dawning Eclipse 10th year Kin Anniversary Party, Crickhollow

Time for events:Location is The New Scholar’s Hall in Bree, Crickhollow. The entrance door is at 30.1S 52.0W come through two sets of doors to the Hall.- EST 9.00pm: Fashion Show Competition:Categories: - High Fashion, Casual / Art...
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Scammer warning

CordovanCommunity ManagerRecent Scammer IssueIn the past two days we've had an issue where a scammer is pretending to be a GM and attempting to convince people to follow a link to a web site that can compromise your game account. While we're worki...
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Producers Letter

Latest Producers Letter: Click here...
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Premium Kin House Fundraising

Just a reminder that we are still seeking donations of turbine point codes to reach our goal of 7300 TP to get a new kinship premium house in Belfalas.So far our members have amazingly pledged a total of 3350 TP. So that is almost half way there....
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Hey Spar and Giggs - I heard there was a bad earthquake near you and that they called a state of emergency in Dunedin. Thinking of you and hoping you guys are ok!
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The upcoming Update 19

Links from people testing on Bullroarer:MassivelyOverpoweredLotroPlayers Videos
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Executive Producer September 2016 Feedback

Greetings! I am Severlin, Executive Producer for Lord of the Rings Online. I just wanted to take the time to update you on our plans for the coming months. I have been working on LOTRO for some time now, but this is my first formal Producer’s Lett...
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Dawning Eclipse 9th Anniversary Party Details

Chicken to Bree RaceAndThe Sinister Random RaceOn: Sat 7 May 9:00pm Eastern Time Sun 8 May 1:00pm NZ Time Sun 8 May 11:00am Syd/Mel Time Meet: Kinhouse 2 Chalk Road, Ellmead, Shire Homesteads, CrickhollowChicken Race to Bree starting...
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LOTRO Anniversary Stream

Did you miss LOTRO 6 hour anniversary livestream yesterday 27 April 2016? You can watch the replay here:
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