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Roving Threats - Date Change

Date: Apr 14, 2018
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: Giggles
Alliance Event: Yes
Scheduled on: Sat 14 April 9:00pm Eastern Time
Sun 15 April April 1:00pm NZ Time
Sun 15 April 11:00am Syd/Mel Time

Mumble use is required for this event even if just to listen and hear what's going on.

Please sign up here so we can know numbers.

Have fun all.
Giggs :)
Tank (1)

2. Spardor Guardian

Damage (1)

M. Grayaell Lore-master

Support (1)

1. Giggles Minstrel



Umm, where the one on the 6th go? I got the Mumble working for tonight.
Possibly can make it for 14th. I can bring my Lore Master that is now over level 100. He's rarely healed anything and isn't geared up for anything but offense. :p/ Might be good time for some training in the support capacity.
Spar and I had real life things that happened so decided to cancel it as there were no sign ups to the event when I went to play the game last night. If you want the event to run you need to sign up early.
Concerning the 14th, I definitely can be there. 😀😀
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