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Oceanic Kin event: Fun Things (any level).

Date: Apr 21, 2018
Time: 06:00 AM
Posted by: Giggles
Alliance Event: Yes
Scheduled on: Sat 21 April 8:00pm Syd/Mel Time
Sat 21 April 10:00pm NZ Time
Fri 20 April 6:00am Eastern Time

We are looking at doing Sammath Gul.

Mumble use is required for this event even if just to listen and hear what's going on.

Please sign up here so we can know numbers.

Have fun all.
Giggs :)
Tank (1)

2. Spardor Guardian

Damage (1)

3. Fermibrand Hunter

Support (1)

1. Giggles Minstrel


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Possible Sammath Gul run, because Gorothul is a jerk who has it coming. :)
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