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Transfer Process

  • When the transfer window opens up for Windfola we will not be going on the day. We will wait a few days before we start to transfer Dawning Eclipse.
  • Prior to the transfer Giggles will put out a kinmail to advise the date she plans to start the transfer and to read this guide.
  • She will advise kin to put Gigglen on their friends list. See “When can I transfer” for the reason why.
  • The character Giggles will transfer first and reestablish the kin on Crickhollow.
  • At this point the Kinship will disband on Windfola. This is normal. Don’t panic and read below to know when you can transfer.

What Should I Do Before I Transfer?

  • Log into all your alts for both Freeps (free peoples) and Creeps (monster players).
  • Clear your mail and finish any Auctions you may have going.
  • Make a copy of your friends list as this will be wiped during the transfer.
  • Check that Turbine has your correct email address. When the transfer finishes you will get an email to let you know when your transfer has been successful.
  • If you have a kinhouse or house be careful with bound items, and return them to characters BEFORE you attempt transfers, and BEFORE others have had a chance to transfer.

When can I transfer?

  • You should see both of these things happen.
  • You should keep an eye on the Dawning Eclipse website for updates and details.

Transfer Order

Step 1: Kinleader (Giggles) and Shared Items
Step 2: Houseowners and Shared Items
Step 3: Alts and Shared Items

  • Do not select “Transfer All” - this has been found to cause problems with transfers.
  • Wait for your transfer confirmations by email before starting next step.
  • For your information when you confirm the transfer your account will be locked both in-game and in the lotro forums. Always wait for confirmation email before logging in the game. If no email is received it is safe to login after 6 hours from when you confirmed the transfer.


I panicked and transferred before the kinship and now I’m not in Dawning Eclipse!
Don’t worry just look for a Dawning Eclipse Officer and they should be able to invite you and all your alts back in. Unfortunately we won’t be able to recover your membership details (date joined etc) if you rush the transfer process.

I owned a kinhouse and not everything has shown up!
If you have transferred and you had a kinship house you might find you need to buy a personal house before all items will arrive in the chest and it may take a while for the items to appear.
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Found this in the forums. It is possible to transfer/copy your wardrobe to another remaining world.
Only do this when you have finished transferring eg from Windfola to Crickhollow. As the first transfer will send everything eg marks, shared storage etc. After this is done, and you have alts in another world you can copy across your wardrobe to that world.

  1. Use the Transfer function
  2. Click on the closing world eg Windfola
  3. Click on "Shared Items"
  4. Click on world you want the wardrobe to go to.
  5. Then continue with the transfer.

You can repeat to another world when that transfer is complete.
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