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#11760502 Nov 16, 2015 at 08:13 PM
hi, I am part of the kinship The Wanderers. we are kinship rank 5 I believe. we are slowly growing and are going to be making a big recruitment push in crickhollow once we transfer tomorrow (Tuesday November 17th). in the meantime we are looking for likeminded kinships to make alliances with and possibly be more helpful to eachother and those on the server by making an alliance. I have an unlimited slot voice chat server using Razer Comms. I would be more than happy to donate it to both guilds to share. whether it be all in one chat room or have a mutual chat room and then each have a private chat room for our respective guild.

please send me a message on either the lotro forums (Aragorn96) or an email to please send me a message or post in a forum on our page ( with your answer, may it be yes or no id like to kno

Andrew aka Arasborn
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