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[Pinned] Weekly World Restarts Tuesday 7.00am Eastern

Weekly World Restarts: Tuesdays, 8:30 AM Eastern
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[Pinned] Guide for fresh and returned players from

A full guide for fresh and returned players #lotro #lotr
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[Pinned] Player Support System

We have now shifted to our new player support system! Check it out: #LOTRO
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[Pinned] Important News! The Lord of the Rings Online and DDO have been acquired by Standing Stone Games

From Executive Producer: Click here...From Community Manager: Click here...Standing Stone Games Customer Service: Click here...
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[Pinned] Character Transfer Tokens

Character Transfer Token ReminderFrom the Update 19 Release Notes published in October:It is now possible to use existing character transfer tokens to transfer characters. If you have tokens, you will need to use them prior to using Turbine Points...
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[Pinned] Giggles has safely transferred to Crickhollow

Everyone is welcome to come join me in the new world. Unfortunately i have not put anything in the kinhouse yet.Kinhouse is at 2 Chalk Road, Ellmead, Shire Homesteads.Have fun!Giggs :)
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[Pinned] Closing worlds close April 4th 2016 for play

Remember: All Closing worlds will no longer be available for play on April 4th 2016 The closed worlds will still be open for transfers to re...
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[Pinned] Transfer Process
General Discussion

[Pinned] Transfer Process

Transfer Process When the transfer window opens up for Windfola we will not be going on the day. We will wait a few days before we start to transfer Dawning Eclipse. Prior to the transfer Giggles will put out a kinmail to advise the date she plan...
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Bullroarer First Preview of 64 bit Client

Bullroarer is now open with our first preview of the 64 bit game client and Update 24! Read more here: #LOTRO
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From 12th Anniversary livestream

@druidsfire: Here's a text recap with the VODs linked in it of the visits from Baccata, MadeofLions, ThePinion, and Severlin to the @lotro 12th Anniversary livestream hosted by +Cordovan on Wednesday. #lotrofamily
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Lotro points for extended downtime

From Lotro: The 250 LOTRO Points being granted following downtime earlier this month have been automatically added to qualifying players' accounts. We continue to work to deliver the four days of VIP time to some affected accounts. #LOTRO
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MMO Central interview at Pax East

[News] [PAX East 2019] Interview with Standing Stone Games' Rob 'Severlin' Ciccolini - Read more @ #lotrofamily #MMO
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Coupon Code for extended downtime

UPDATE: Our Coupon Code is now available! Thank you for your patience while we got this ready to go following our extended downtime recently. Coupon Code: REWARD2019 1/Account Valid to redeem through the end of April. #LOTRO
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Producer's Letter - February 2019
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The latest on Server Move

The latest on the Server Data-Centre Move is here on Twitch. Well worth a watch. And good to know the poor techs are being well looked after.
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Latest Producer’s Letter

Read more about what's happening in The Lord of the Rings Online in our newest Producer's Letter here: #LOTRO
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Update 23 Soundtrack now available on YouTube

Update 23: Where Dragons Dwell Official Game Soundtrack is now available on YouTube! Thanks @BillChampMusic for your excellent work. #LOTRO
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Legendary server

An Invitation to Relive the Legend! November 2018#LOTRO
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Free Dwarven Miner’s Helm

Want a Dwarven Miner's Helm? Head to the #LotRO Store and use the code STARTMININGValid till December 31st 2018.
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Update 23

Find out Where Dragons Dwell in Update 23, arriving to Lord of the Rings Online. Launching October 9th! #LOTRO
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