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In the game we can have user channels. They are like Kinchat or Fellowship chat but anyone who knows they are there can join them.

So to join de, type...
/joinchannel de

Make sure where you want to read the chat right click your tab and make sure Change Filters have the User Chat #s with a tick You can create a new tab just for User Chats if you like that is up to you. If de is the first channel you join to talk in the tab just type /1 and you should be in that channel. Other commands are /listchannels to list channels you have /leavechannel (name of channel) - only use this if you want to get rid of this channel Hope this is clear, if not please don't hesitate to ask Giggles or Sparthir

The technical details:

Notes copied from Lotro Patch Notes
Customizable Chat:

User-defined chat channels (up to 4 slots) are now available!
/joinchannel [password]' will create a channel (or join, if already existing) in the next free slot
/leavechannel ' will exit a user channel, if already in it
/userchat# ' or '/uc# ' will send a message to the channel of the slot specified
/userchat ' or '/uc ' will send a message to the named chat channel if you're already a member of that channel
You can also use /1, /2, /3, or /4 to talk in your user-defined chat channels.